Sketchbook: Art Supplies

Sketchbook: Art Supplies
Raw Sienna watercolour tube

We are already into the second month of the new year 2019.  With a fresh blank sketchbook, in mid January I decided to try filling it on a daily basis. To start and for inspiration, my art supplies are being the subject of this sketchbook. I love all art supplies, so this should keep me inspired for a while!

Latest watercolour

The Red Shoe 9×12 Watercolour

This is my latest watercolour, finally finished it after the Christmas Holidays. I had a couple people asking if I would add Mabou’s Red Shoe Pub to my Main Street Series of paintings. You can also view this painting (along with other paintings) under “Original Watercolours” in the Menu Bar or click here.  There are no reproductions (Prints) as of yet, but I will be getting some done at a later date. Let me know if you’re interested…

Before Christmas, I was commissioned to do a couple of pieces, to be given  as a Christmas gift. I enjoyed doing these two paintings, both done with a story and a special meaning to go with it.